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Shell scheme

EBG Verhuur is the uniform system construction specialist. We carefully select our stand materials for their quality and appearance. We can decorate empty venues in no time, setting up attractive turn-key stands, pavilions, seminar rooms, and much more. From modest, one-day trade fair to big, multi-day public events: in EBG Verhuur you will be choosing a stand construction partner with the right people and materials to decorate your event quickly and professionally. We have created an overview of some of the setups we can construct with our system stands below. Of course, we can offer virtually infinite options. So if you want something different, you can always contact us.

Basic system

The stand that everyone who has visited a trade fair will recognise immediately. Timeless, available in many different sizes. The walls are available in a large range of colours. A product that has proven itself over the years. Equipped with a name board, or classic fascia. Constructed professionally and quickly.

Complete system

We claim to be a “total supplier” for a reason. Standard system stands can be completed with with shelves, lockable storage space, furniture, carpet and signage. Because we have all the expertise and materials you could need in the same place, we’re able to offer great prices. And that's great for the fair!


Uniform stand construction opens up a whole range of possibilities. Constructing self-standing pavilions of up to 5m. tall, of course fitted with eye-catching signage? No problem. Speed and a modern look in a single package.


This will be one of the main reasons for many of your visitors to visit the fair. Good seminar rooms can differ from one fair to another. Do you want to give the space an open character by setting up plexiglass dividers and an open entrance, or do you want to keep it closed off, with a door? Everything is possible!

Registration and entrance

You can only make one first impression. Visitors should feel welcome and must be able to see clearly what is expected from them. You want to be able to help visitors quickly and easily. From (self) registration desks to desks where visitors can still purchase tickets: we always provide the right atmosphere and routing.

Map and signposting

We realise that this might be more necessary for one trade fair than for the other, but as well as being useful for visitors, carefully designing the map or signposting can help fair organisers focus attention on key stands or seminar rooms.


We offer virtually infinite options. We have already produced multiple beautiful stands for individual stand operators and fair organisers. We have created a small overview of our previous work to inspire you. Do you want something similar, or do you have other ideas? We are ready for everything!

Catering and restaurant

From restaurants where your visitors will go for lunch or be served dinner to comfortable coffee corners: we’ll create the right atmosphere. All you have to do is pour a good cup of coffee.


Over the years, we have developed a number of specials for our customers, which can be easily be integrated into the rest of the stand. And because you’re using existing materials, it will always be more affordable. Again, the same applies here: if you have ideas of your own, we will gladly help you think up the perfect solution.